Dream Meaning of Arrow

Dream Meaning of Arrow

To see arrow in a dream may represent that you will finish your job which you started, you will put an end to problems and troubles and make important decisions.

To see that you shoot arrows in your dream indicates that expectancies about your love story will be concluded favourably, your financial expectancies will be covered, troubles within family will come to an end.

To see an archer or a person who shoots arrows in your dream symbolizes that a person whose height is the same as you will help you and you will solve your problem which you have difficulty to overcoming by means of this help.

To see that you hit the target with an arrow in your dream may represent that your health will be perfect in the process that your expectancies occur. If you see that although you shoot, you don’t hit the target in your dream, it is telling you that you will get what you want too much but you will have small health problems  within that period.

To see an arc and arrow together in your dream means that you will make a study which you didn’t try before with news you has just heard. By means of this, you will have an opportunity to meet with different and important people.

To see of holding an arrow in your hand in your dream may represent that you will beat your enemy. If you see that another person holds an arrow in hand, this dream tells that you are afraid of revealing your secret and you couldn’t act. However, you will show courage and act then be successful.

To dream that an arrow fastens on a place or a thing signifies that your success will be heard and people change their thoughts about you favourably. If an arrow fastens on you and hurts you in your dream, it means that a person who wants to harm you will provide benefit to you during a time when s/he gives harm. This person will accept your superiority because of that reason.

To see a person who gets injured with an arrow in your dream may indicate that your friends and people around you will take care of a person who creates problem for you. This person will be no longer a problem.

If you hit a person with an arrow in your dream, it symbolizes that you will give up acting by your feelings and start to act with your mind, get rid of your problems.

To break an arrow in your dream may represent that you will lose interest about an issue which you want a lot. A broken arrow means that you will be refused about an emotional issue.

To see of carrying an arrow in your dream symbolizes that you will save money for a short term because you want to buy a thing.

To see a quiver in a dream means that you will postpone your own needs for a while because of a person whom you like most.

To put an arrow into its quiver in your dream indicates that you will get your postponed need when the time comes as satisfied. If you uncase the arrow in your dream, this dream may represent that a subject which you kept waiting for a long time ago will be concluded as soon as possible.

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