Dream Meaning of Balloon

Dream Meaning of Balloon

To see a balloon in a dream refers to health problems.

To dream that you fly with a balloon forewarns you that you will have health problems and these problems will make you and your family very miserable.

To dream that you get in the balloon signifies that the bad conditions related to your health will come right soon and you won’t have any health issues.

To see that the balloon flies in your dream indicates that you should be careful about your meals, otherwise your health will worsen.

To fly a balloon in your dream represents that one of your family members will help you about your health issues and your health will be better.

To see that a balloon bursts in your dream denotes that you will spend more money for your health, but your condition will be all right.

To see that you puncture a balloon in your dream signifies that you will help about  the health problem of one of your friends. Your friend will be pleased with this help.

To buy a balloon in your dream implies that you will want some money because of your own health.

To sell a balloon in your dream indicates that there will be a progress about your mother or father’s health and this progress will make the whole family happy.

To blow up a balloon in your dream implies that you will be ill during your travel but this illness will last long.

To see a lot of balloons in your dream implies that you will have a small operation and this operation won’t work.

To see only one balloon in your dream signifies that you will have one operation and this operation will be very successful.

To see big balloons in your dream indicates that you will stay in hospital and this will influence your health well.

To see small balloons in your dream denotes that you will visit one of your friends or your relatives in hospital.

To dream that you will fill in the balloon with water may represent that one of family members or you will have a disease and everyone whom you love will be with you.

To see a balloon with one colour in your dream forewarns you that your baby or a young child from your family will have an operation and his/her health will be all right.

To see balloons with different colours implies that your health will be good for a long time and your health won’t go bad.

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