Dream Meaning of Barbecue

Dream Meaning of Barbecue

To see a barbecue in your dream shows that you will almost finish a issue , the expected day will come.

To see of setting fire to barbecue in your dream indicates that you will develop an intimacy with a person whom you want to meet much, you will meet that person, you will say your thoughts to this peson.

To see of buying barbecue in your dream denotes that people will respect you, you will adapt to the environment easily, there will be many copartners.

To see that you carry a barbecue or put it to the other place in your dream indicates that you will delay your vacation, you will be disappointed because of a plan being late.

To see that a barbecue is broken in your dream implies that you will confront a disaster and you will have a stressful and frightening period because of this.

To see charcoal in your dream represents that you will weep for joy ,you will have good news and your wish will be real.

To see of cooking meat on barbecue in your dream signifies that you will be healthy or your illness progressing fast will enter into a recovery period.

To see of charbroiling sausage in your dream symbolizes that you will have a property, wealth or you will get benefit from a your relative.

To see of charbroiling fish in your dream shows that you will be lucky, you will have an unexpected gain.

To see of charbroiling food in your dream signifies that you will change your environment, change your place in a short time, change living space.

To see of putting out barbecue in your dream may represent that you will face an issue which you are afraid of, you will socialize, you will come out of one's shell.

To see an empty barbecue in your dream may represent that a girl who is free to make decision will leave from house, this girl will go to the other house because of a reason like school or marriage.

To see of felling barbecue in your dream indicates that you will destroy unconciously or you will have an unexpected accident.

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