Dream Meaning of Bell (Buzzer)

Dream Meaning of Bell (Buzzer)

To see a bell in a dream refers to a cultured friend, an educated spouse, an experienced elder.

To see of hearing ring tone in your dream may represent that you will complete your project or homework by taking help from a person who knows better than you.   

To see a bell in a school or office in your dream may symbolize that you will determine another person as a mediator in order to communicate with a person whom you pay attention. If you see bell at home in your dream, it means that there is a person who protects your family.

To see that the ringing bell is melodic and its sound is nice in your dream may suggest that there will be people who guide you throughout your life. If the ringing bell is high and disturbing in your dream, it indicates that you have a friend who misdirects you.

To see that you ring the bell in your dream symbolizes that the incidents will be concluded well. Also, it means that there is a happy news which comes to you from the place whose bell you ring.

To see that you ring the bell which is carried in your hand in your dream may represent that by sharing an important decision regarding your life with your friends, you will make them happy. If you see a person who carries this bell and rings it in your dream, it tells that you will hear happy news which changes your life as a whole and comes from a distant place.

To see of buying and selling a bell in your dream may suggest that you will expand your environment. If you see a person who buys and sells bell in your dream, it tells that you will be invited to an important meeting or organization.

To see a bell which isn't working in your dream refers to a friend whose sayings aren't reliable and who is inconsistent.

To see that you repair a bell in your dream may imply that a person from your family wants to be like you and want to utilize from your experiences.

To see a toy bell in your dream signifies that you will get a spouse or friend who achieves to make you happy by means of even his/her existence in your problematic times.

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