Dream Meaning of Butterfly

Dream Meaning of Butterfly

To see a butterfly in a dream refers to luxury, resentful friend, a good and impressive statement. You will hear compliments and draw attention as soon as possible. Also, you will start to be interested in art and undertake a role which saves life.

To see a lot of butterflies which fly everywhere in your dream may indicate that your current environment will beautify, you will have friends who are rich in terms of spiritual and financial. 

To see that the butterflies have different colours and they look nice in your dream refers to updates which you will be happy for and you will confront these updates subsequently.   

To see that you chase, catch or hold the butterfly in your dream may mean that you will make up to a person whose heart is broken to you. Alternatively, this dream is telling you golden, valuable stones and staff.

To see a dead butterfly in your dream indicates that you will get the intention of a person who tries to deceive you with good statements.

To see of killing a butterfly in your dream may represent that you will give harm to a person who tries to deceive you with good sayings by responsing by the same way.

To see that you eat or swallow butterfly in your dream may indicate that you will reach more luxurious life thanks to your artistic ability.

To see that the butterflies will go from anywhere of your body in your dream implies that you will satisfy your need which you paid too much money for by using your abilities and without any expenses.

To see that you feed a butterfly in your dream may symbolize that your impressive sayings and persuasion ability will bring positive things to your business and love life.

To see that the butterfly goes into your mouth, nose, ears or back in your dream indicates that your accident or a bad update will open new horizons for you and you will show an increase after this incident.

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