Dream Meaning of Cloak

Dream Meaning of Cloak

To see a cloak in a dream refers to a newborn female, a young gir lor happy woman. If you see a new cloak in a dream, it symbolizes a female baby who will be born within your family or close environment. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that a woman from your family will bring extra income to your home.

If you see an old cloak in your dream, it denotes that there will be a female baby who will be sick from your family or environment.

To dream that you wear a cloak means that you will make a friendship with a beautiful and smart girl.

To see that you make a cloak worn to someone or you give cloak in your dream may represent that you will ask a person to mediate because you want to make peace with a girl or woman whom you are at variance with. If a person makes a cloak worn to you, this dream tells that a woman will be a mediator to you about starting a serious relationship.

To see a cloak on another person in your dream indicates that a woman within your family is uneasy. If you see a cloak on chair, hanger or armchair in your dream, a woman from your family who has problems will get rid of these problems.

To see a black or dark cloak in your dream may represent that an old woman will give financial support without provision. If you see a white or light cloak in your dream, it means that you will get material things thanks to a young girl.

To see that you take a cloak as a gift in your dream signifies a beautiful spouse whom you will meet for a man, an easy going friend whom you will meet for a woman.

To see of buying a cloak in your dream may indicate that a girl or woman whom you are close with will be intimate with another person and you will envy this.

To see a wet cloak in a dream suggests that the heart of a woman from your family is broken because of one of your attitudes and this woman is waiting for your apology.

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