Dream Meaning of Dead

Dream Meaning of Dead

To see a dead person in your dream means that you will be undecided. If you see a dead woman in your dream, this dream tells that you will be undecided about your relationship. To see a dead man in your dream refers to indecision regarding your job.

To see a dead baby or child in your dream denotes that your health will be bad.

To dream that the dead person’s face is saintly looking may indicate that you will have difficulty to deciding about some issues in your business or education life.

To see a dead animal in your dream signifies that you will be powerless. If you see a dead tree or plant, it refers to contradictions regarding emotional meaning.

To see of carrying a dead person in your dream indicates that you will cheat somebody of his rights and be cursed for this person’s cruelty.

To lay the dead to rest in your dream symbolizes that you will get rid of your indecision and choose the right person about your relationship.

To clean the dead person in your dream indicates that you should pay strict attention to your job, study too much about your education, act before the opposite side about love life.

If the dead person is laying on the ground in your dream, it refers to a wrong decision. If this is on the bed, you will make right decisions which lead to right results.

To see that a dead revives in your dream indicates that you will be deceived by your friend. If you see that you die and revive again in your dream, it indicates that you will turn people’s bad thoughts about you into good ones.

To have a sex with a dead person in your dream may symbolize that you will invest money to chance games, gambling or a job which doesn’t bring benefit. If you kiss a dead in your dream, you will gain profit from chance games or gambling temporarily.

To see of speaking with a dead person in your dream means that you will get rid of your troubles by means of a person who resembles that dead person and you don’t know.

To see a dead person’s dresses in your dream refers to the cleanliness of dresses and halal and good daily bread.

To see a dead person in the mosque in your dream symbolizes a friend who is uneasy in terms of spirit. If you see this dead person at home, it refers to a friend who has financial problems.

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