Dream Meaning of Father

Dream Meaning of Father

To see a father in a dream refers to financial issues, opportunities and successes.

To dream that you become father implies that in short term, thanks to a person that you close to, your troubles about financial issues will come to an end.

To dream that your father is dead indicates that the barriers in your work life or school life will go away and you will be successful in every issue.

To see that a father gets married in a dream suggests that a person that advises you will emerge and it will support you by opening the door to you.

To dream that your father hurts, get injured and has an accident signifies that because of your successes, you will be always given particular importance in your family.

To dream that your father is angry implies that you have debts but you will pay off your debts soon.

To see that you father gets divorce in your dream suggests that you will overcome your troubles in your work or school life and your successes will increase.

To dream that your father has a baby signifies that your earnings will increase because your family elders transfer a job to you.

To see that you have a sex with your father refers to your problems in your work will be all right in the long run and your successes will increase soon.

To dream that your father laughes or smiles indicates that one of your family members will give you a perfect document, package or money.

To see that you have a trip with your father in your dream may represent that you will spend money for a good aim.

To dream that you kiss your father's hand indicates that you will want financial assistance from a member of your family.

To see that your father performs prayer in your dream refers to abundance in your home thanks to one of your closer friends.

To dream that you eat with your father signifies that you will borrow money from one of your closer friends.

To see that your father is sleeping in your dream suggests that your successes will be spoken in a crowded place and everyone will always mention about you.

To see that your father becomes a famous person in your dream signifies that you will be a property owner and you will make profit by means of this property.

To dream that your father cries refers to your increasing wealth and money.

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