Dream Meaning of Horse

Dream Meaning of Horse

To see a horse in a dream refers to favour, good jobs, beautiful life, abundance and fortune.

To dream that you ride a horse signifies a long or short journey. If you see that a person rides a horse in your dream, it implies that you will hear good news from a person outside your family.

To see of buying a horse in your dream indicates that you will meet a person and get married with this person.

A white horse means that you will swear off for your sins.

To see a white stain on the face of a black or brown horse in your dream implies that your religious belief will enhance.

 To put things on a horse in your dream indicates that you will buy a big property.

To see that a horse goes away from you and runs in your dream may represent that you will show a rise in your school or business life.

To dream that a horse rears up signifies that you will be happy because a thing that you want will occur.

To see that you put a saddle on a horse in your dream implies that each event will occur as whatever you want. If you see bleeding from a horse in your dream, it means that the obstacles will emerge.

To see that the foot of a horse is broken in your dream indicates that the job that you want to happen won’t occur. If a horse is shooted in your dream, it denotes that somebody will stand in your way about a subject related to you and they will win.

A winged horse in a dream refers to peace in death. If you see that its wings are broken in your dream, it means that you will stay in limbo in your death.

To see things which are partially human and partially horse in your dream implies that your life will become reversed.

To see the birth of a baby horse symbolizes a newborn joining the family.

To see the death of a baby horse signifies that adversity will appear.

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