Dream Meaning of Ice

Dream Meaning of Ice

To see ice in a dream refers to relationships with friends or relatives.

To see of eating ice in your dream signifies that there are people who go against you, envy you and always prevent you in your family. These people will help you undeliberately.

To break ice in your dream symbolizes a trip or people whom you will meet in a public environment.

To see ice rink in your dream indicates that you will be spoken in crowded places about your look and your successes. However, there will be a few people that envy you.

To see ice and snow in your dream may represent that the problems will occur within your family because of your decisions. However, after a while the whole family members will support you.

To throw ice into the hot water in your dream signifies that you will have stressful times with your friends recently.

To see that the ice melts in your dream indicates that the people who upset you from your family behave warmly recently, you will do his/her a favour or this person will do you a favour.

To see that you walk on the ice in your dream indicates that you will end friendships with people who thinks about you negatively and envy you in friendship environment. As the barriers in front of you will destroy, you will be more successful.

To see clean ice in your dream indicates that a person whom you haven't met with for a long time and will meet recently will upset you. However, in a short period, this sadness will convert into happiness with good news.

To see ice with small pieces in your dream signifies that your opinions that you have planned before will gather speed and they will happen before the expected time.

To see ice with big pieces in your dream signifies that even if you have problems with some people in your friendship environment or family, the problems will finish and you will get on very well with them and have good communication as soon as possible.

To see ice in a glass or any kind of drink in your dream suggests that an old person from your family will give advice to you about one issue. You will have some money with this advice.

To dream that you sleep on the ice implies that resenments will come to an end. To sit on the ice in your dream implies that a person whom you will meet in friendship or family environment will help you. To sleep on the ice in your dream refers to good news about your school or work.

To see ice in ice bar in your dream signifies that the barriers in your school or job will disappear and recently your achievements will increase rapidly.

To see ice in your hand in your dream implies that you will have a conversation with a person who participates in your family later and this conversation will influence your marriage, love, business or school life positively in terms of finance.

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