Dream Meaning of Lentil

Dream Meaning of Lentil

To see lentil in your dream symbolizes that the time will hang heavy on your hands, your wish to become together with an expected person will rise, your excitement will rise or you will come to an end.

To see of cooking lentil or lentil food in your dream signifies that you will cry about an issue which you want too much, you will feel pain because of not getting that.

To see of buying lentil in your dream indicates that you will have a friend who is a good person and you can trust.

To see of selling lentil in your dream denotes that you will meet  your relative, your friend whom you have not talked for a long time, you will talk about memories.

To see lentil balls in your dream symbolizes that you will receive a proposal , you will get engaged.

To see lentil soup in your dream denotes that you will have a relative whom you don’t know, a new one will take part in the heritage.

To see of shelling lentil in your dream indicates that you will make a mistake and you will make an effort to make up for this mistake.

To see of planting lentil in your dream represents that you will have getting in return for your sacrifice, you will be appreciated.

To see lentil field in your dream shows that you will live under pressure, you will be depressed because of your family or your life will sour because of conversative people.

To see lentil seed in your dream symbolizes that you will have hallal Money.

To see that you carry lentil in your dream signifies that a property which is forgotten will come or will be found.

To see lentil rice in your dream denotes that you will weep for joy and you will come together. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that your status will rise and you will have a lot of money.

To see lentil bulghur in your dream denotes that you will receive a recompense for your work.

To see lentil pea in your dream implies that you will make peace, the problems will end or you will have a peace in your family.

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