Dream Meaning of Package

Dream Meaning of Package

To see a package in a dream means capturing, ruling over and obeying.

To see that you take a package from a person or a package is come via post in your dream indicates that you will take the lead in your environment without taking pressure.

To see that a package is bright, decorated and smooth in your dream may represent that the community which you rule over will respect to you. If the package is big in your dream, it tells that superiority and sovereignty which you will establish over people will last long.

To see a dirty, torn package in a dream may symbolize that the protection of your status will be difficult and people who want to knock you dead will appear.

To see a white package in your dream refers to marriage.

To see an empty package in a dream means that you will be deceived. If the empty package is very clean and smooth, you will be deceived by one of your family members. If the empty package is dirty in your dream, it indicates that a product which you bought will be defective.

To dream that you are carrying a package may represent that you will make an effort in order to establish superiority in your current environment. If you carry the package easily in your dream, you will have the upper hand via your mind. If you have difficulty to carrying it, you will have the upper hand via your power.

To see of sending a package in your dream refers to a gift which will come from a distant place and surprise you.

To see that you package something in your dream may signify that you will gain heritage by working and halal ways. If you package properly in your dream, your heritage will be permanent and you won't have financial problems never. If you see that you package it arbitrarily in your dream, you will always take risks in your business life and you will be profitable in some terms, end up a loser in some terms.

To see that you open a package in your dream may represent that you will take a surprise offer. If you don't open the package, give harm to package as you open it, look forward to opening it in your dream, this dream is telling you that you will take a valuable antique or jewellery from one of your family elders.

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