Dream Meaning of Parrot

To see a parrot in a dream means that you will make friendships with wrong people and you will be known wrongly because of people around you. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that the beauty of parrot’s feathers reflects that you have fake friends and these friends will misguide you. If you see a parrot in a cage in your dream, it means that your side which directs you to make mistake will start to be dominate, you should be relaxed and have a rest.

To see parrot’s egg in your dream indicates that you will realize a wrong relationship before it starts, achieve to protect yourself.

To see that a parrot bites you in your dream may represent that your friend behaves wrongly towards you because of jealousy. You will keep distance from this friend. If a parrot bites another person in your dream, it means that you will blame this person for nothing.

To see a parrot which can’t fly, whose wing is broken or which is ill in your dream signifies that this person who wants to harm you will harm himself/herself as s/he wants to do this. S/he will glorify you undeliberately.

To dream that you catch a parrot implies that you will find the fault of a person who does something behind your back. You will call down this person in front of everybody.

To see of killing a parrot in your dream may indicate that you will end up being wrong although you are right actually because of your extremely strict behaviours and conversations which you did against a person who harms you.

To speak with a parrot in your dream indicates that you will make friendships with non essential people because of show off and power. If you see that parrots are speaking each other in your dream, it means that some people will come together and will slander you but nobody will consider these slanders.

To feed a parrot in your dream may represent that you will take the blame which you didn’t but thanks to your true friend, you will get rid of this blame.

To see that the parrot is flying or it is flapping in your dream suggests that ill-intentioned people will understand that they won’t give harm to you and they will become distant from you.

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