Dream Meaning of Pastry

To see pastry in a dream symbolizes a guest coming from a distant country, news or a commodity. The size of a pastry reflects the size of a gift which you will take in a short term. A small cake refers to a small gift, big pastry signifies big gift. If the cake is folded in your dream, it means that gift you take will make you happy. If the fold are too much, the happiness will be very much.

To see that you cut a pastry, the pastry is cut or sliced in your dream indicates that some of your relatives will visit you together. This visiting will be good for your gain.

To see of eating pastry in your dream may represent that you will take a valuable present from your relative living in a distant place. If the taste of pastry is bad, this present was sent in return for an expectancy. If the taste is delicious and fresh, this present was sent with no thought of personal gain.

To dream that you see a pastry but you don't eat it means that you will reach the success by being patience about an issue which everyone try to do quickly.

To see of buying a pastry in your dream indicates that you will meet with a person whose native language is different from you and you will develop an intimacy with this person.

To see of selling a pastry in your dream symbolizes that you will take a job or education offer from a distant place but you will refuse this.

To see that you make a pastry or a pastry is made in your dream signifies that you will start to learn a foreign language. If you see that you cook a cake or a cake is cooked in your dream, you will have a short trip to abroad with the purpose of holiday.

To distribute pastry in your dream may imply that you will break your close friend's heart by forgetting the issue which s/he attaches importance to. If another person distributes cake in your dream, it tells that you will incur losses because you forget an important job.

To see that a pastry is ordered to you in your dream means that you will make a kind invitation from your relative living in a distant country. If you order a pastry to someone in your dream, you will send one of your family to a foreign country after a short time.

To see a birthday pastry in your dream indicates that you will postpone a travel for shopping or holiday to abroad for a while.

To see a wedding pastry in your dream symbolizes that you will take a valuable gift from a person whom you will meet by means of your spouse or very close friend.

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