Dream Meaning of Peanut

To see a peanut in a dream symbolizes an old or young man.

To see of eating peanut in your dream indicates that you will participate in a competition and even if you have difficulty in this race, you will finish this competition with the best results.

To see a pistachiomeat in your dream may represent that you will join an activity with your friends and even if predicaments with one of your friends occur in this activity, bad issues will be forgotten as soon as possible.

To see peanut baklava in your dream may suggest that you will go to a doctor and even if these issues tire you too much, you will overcome them. If you see that you eat  pistachio baklava in your dream, it means that you won't go any hospital and your health will be fine for a long time.

To see of collecting pistachios in your dream may represent that issues which you don't like about you will be mentioned but these conversations will be forgotten as soon as possible.

To see of buying peanut in your dream may indicate that a good person who has blood tie with you will join your family. If you see that you sell pistachio in your dream, it means that a good person who doesn't have a blood tie with you will join your family.

To see peanut shell in a dream may imply that a young man will help you about an issue which you have difficulty with related to your job and this help will work for you.

To dream that you are eating peanut shells may indicate that an old man from your family will help about your family problems and the problems will be handled. 

To dream that you distinguish the peanuts from their shells suggests that you will change your city and this change is related to your job.

To see that you pour the peanuts to the ground in your dream symbolizes that you will have a journey because of your education and this journey will last very long.

To see peanut butter in a dream means that you will help one of your friends about his/her financial problem.

To see stone pine in your dream may represent that you will take an offer which provides that you will show an increase in your job and you should consider this offer.

To see peanut desert in your dream may signify that you will find your thing which you have looked for for a long time in a place which you didn't think before. This dream is telling you that an old man or woman from your home will find this thing.

To see peanut green in your dream indicates that you will set up a new business or get promotion.

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