Dream Meaning of Pier

To see pier in your dream may represent that you will live happily by finding inner peace, be cheerful and your heart will be full of excitement.

To see that you make pier in your dream may indicate that you will find your spiritual spouse and you will explain this. This dream also symbolizes marriage or engagement offer or you will take a gift surprisingly.

To see a wood pier in your dream refers to the abundance of the field, plenty of products, the plentifullness of the table and peace within family.

To see that you are walking on a pier in your dream signifies a journey which you will have by making the right decision, the destruction of obstacles in front of your targets or a person who has already made the decision.

To see that the pier is destroyed in your dream means that you will have bad distressing events.

To dream that you sit on the pier may indicate that you will have a baby or there will be an activity which you have to take part in with your child. You will fit into society for this and join social activities.

To see that you are sleeping on the pier or laying on it in your dream suggests that a planned vacation idea will be interrupted, a travel idea which was disappear as a result of an obstacle will be postponed.

To see that a pier is burning or there is a burning pier in your dream means that you won’t have any commodity or property because of a person whom you don’t think.

To see of falling from the pier or falling from it to the sea in your dream may imply that you will reach an income which you didn’t predict, have a job offer whose income is very high or you will pass the exam.

To jump from the pier in your dream may symbolize that you will lose your hope, your patience will be tested, you will protect your resistance.

To see a steel pier in your dream may represent that you will have a big accident or fire, torrent, earthquake.

To see a sea and pier in your dream signifies that your life will be all right, your expectancies will be fulfilled and your prayer will be accepted. Besides, it refers to happiness, a desire to live and joy.

To see bollard in your dream represents that you will be a company owner, set up your own business, transfer your field or house or you will take part in entrepreneurial activities.

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