Dream Meaning of Room

To see a room in your dream denotes that you will get free from captivity addiction, you will stand on your own legs.

To see that you enter into a room in your dream indicates that if there are people in that room, you will separate with them, if the room is empty then, you will have new followers at your own way.

To see that you get out from a room in your dream shows that you will pay your financial or spiritual debt then you will be rest.

To see that you are locked in a room in your dream symbolizes that you will want to get rid of your friend whom you work together.

To see a small room in your dream represents that you will stand on your legs soon. If the room is large then, you will depend on someone for a while.

To see that the room is full of water in your dream symbolizes that your home is abundant and you will reach your wealth. You will move to larger and more comfortable house as the size of the room.

To see that you are cleaning and sweeping up the room in your dream suggests that you will start to live in another house apart from your family.

To see that the room is full of rubbish in your dream forewarns you that you will turn back to your habit which you gave up before.

To see a room which has no door or window in your dream may signify that you will hear death news of a person whom you don’t like.

To see that you lock the door of the room in your dream indicates that you will refuse the aid which will be made for you. If you open the door of the room, it means that you will want help from your friend because of giving up your bad habit.

To see of painting the room in your dream means that thanks to you, your family will be relaxed. If you see a painted room in your dream, it is telling you that you will buy a new house.

To see that the room is painted by another person in your dream may represent that you will reach the wealth thanks to your relative.

To pass from a room to another one in your dream indicates that you will start a more profitable job but your environment will be more uncomfortable than the past.

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