Dream Meaning of To have a bath (Wash oneself)

To see that you have a bath in a dream represents that you will swear off, take a step back, stay calm, put your life into order. Alternatively, this dream tells that you will start to have more beautiful and peaceful life by changing your current bad environment.

To see of getting rubbed with a coarse bath-glove as you are having a bath and you see dirt in your dream suggests that you will take a step in order to compensate your sins by noticing that, you will make up to your friend whom you broke. If you see that although you get rubbed with a coarse bath-glove, there is no dirt in your dream, it is telling you that you won't have lessons from your faults and you will continue to see your mistakes as right.

To have a bath with a dirty water in your dream may imply that you will enter into a period which you will be relaxed financially. If you see that you have a bath in a dirty water in your dream, it tells that you will make a spending which wasn't planned.

To see that you wash yourself with hot water in your dream may indicate that in your new life, you won't have wrong behaviours or persons coming from your past life. If you see that you have a bath with cold water in your dream, it is telling you that you will give up your mistakes but you are wrapped up in your past in some issues.

To dream that another person washes you indicates that you will do a job which you said that you never do because of a person whom you give value and like.If you see that you wash a person in your dream, it tells that you will apply for an unfair way, give a bribe in order to make your job done. If the person is a baby or child which you wash, you will wrongdo for your self interest. If you wash an adult in your dream, it is telling you that you will be in an unfair condition where you cheat many people of their rights.

To have a bath in a lake or in the sea in your dream may represent that you won't make mistakes which your anger causes because you achieve to stay calm in an issue you are angry with.If you wash yourself in the river in your dream, it suggests that you will give up your mistake which you persist to do by noticing that. Alternatively,  it also means that the money of the property or staff which you sold will come to you as soon as possible.

To see people who wash themselves in the sea or lake in your dream may indicate that there are people who calm you down in your environment, show the truth and guide you. If you see people who have bath in the river in your dream, it says that you will be at odds with your friend who doesn't give up his/her wrong behaviours in spite of your warnings.

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