Dream Meaning of Tongue

To see tongue in a dream indicates that intricacies will be clarified, someone bearing hostility will confess it. It also symbolizes competition conducted by intellectually.

Seeing tongue in a dream symbolizes eliciting, an intimate confession, soft but friendly person, and sometimes it symbolizes an exploiter.

Someone who is moving his tongue right and left takes his opponents by suprise giving their a taste of their own medicine. Seeing someone moving his tongue in a dream symbolizes a wise man who use the same method with you and can uncover your fraud.

Someone who are speechless in a dream indicates that he avoids from telling the truth for his own interests. To see that someone is speechless in a dream indicates that there is someone does not help you although he knows the solution or it indicates that you can not convince someone you are needed to witness.

To see that your tongue receive wound and swell in a dream indicates that you are prone to make mistake because of your lustfulness and people who wants to knock you out will make use of your this weakness. Bleeding of tongue in a dream indicates that you will persist  to say the truth although  it conflicts your interests but at the end you will benefit through your this nature.

Someone whose tongue is cut in a dream indicates that he fall into a habbit forbidden by religion and he does not make an effort to get rid of it.

To see that your tongue is very long in a dream indicates that you will make someone want to drive a wedge between you and your husband or lover regret and you will make his life miserable. Long tongue sometimes indicates that you gain more than you deserve.

Someone who has more than one tongue in a dream helps people to solve their problems and receive their blessings. It can be also interpreted as this person leads a luxurious life thanks to many people winning their constent.

Someone who bites his tongue in a dream commit adultery with his friends.

Licking, kissing one’s tongue in a dream indicates that during the time you get into a trouble you meet someone and be friend with him and sincerity get better in time.

Seeing a cat’s, dog’s, cow’s or another animal’s tongue in a dream symbolizes a silly one who will takes on your tongue and repair your mistakes. You will use him.


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