Dream Meaning of Tractor

To see a tractor in your dream means that your jobs will be all right and they will be easy, you will leave the control to the opposite side in your relationships.

To get on or drive a tractor in your dream indicates that you will make a last decision and apply about your relationship or marriage and you will leave the following decisions to your partner or spouse.

If you see another person who drives a tractor in your dream, your spouse, partner or close friend will be directed by a person in his/her environment and because of this, your relationship will have short term troubles.

To see that you plough with a tractor in your dream may represent that you will specialize in your current job and by leaving many people behind you, you will overrank these people.

If you are a student and plough with a tractor in your dream, you will get the highest grade in your exam or Project. If you are a housewife, you will get an assistant. If you are unemployed, you will take a job offer from a place.

To see that the tractor topples in your dream may imply that your spouse or close friend comes to a deadlock and want your help because of his/her job or decision.

If you see yourself when the tractor topples, you will postpone to buy a thing which you thought for yourself because you want to help your relative about paying his/her debt.

To see of buying a tractor in a dream is a marriage. If you are single, your marriage will be in a short term. If you are married, you will hear the marriage decision of your relative you love too much.

To see of selling a tractor in your dream means that you will become very rich. There will be many people who want to utilize from your wealth. Because of this, you will have difficulty to choosing the real and fake friends.

To see the tractor with trailer in your dream indicates that you will reach the abundance and you won’t feel the pinch for a long time.

To carry goods or animal with a tractor in your dream may represent that your wealth will increase. If you carry a person with a tractor, this dream tells that there are a lot of people who keep off you from bad things.

To see a tractor accident in your dream means that you will hear the faults of a person whom you trust.

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