Dream Meaning of Vampire

Dream Meaning of Vampire

To see a vampire in a dream refers to trouble, anxiety and grief. If you see a vampire who doesn't harm yourself in your dream, it refers to financial problem which you will have soon.

To see that the vampire has sharp teeth in your dream may indicate that your financial problem will force you.

To see that you are chased by a vampire in your dream signifies that you will separate your ways with your relative who says wrong things to you. To dream that you are afraid of a vampire and escape from the vampire means that you will sell one of your goods because you didn't pay your installments. 

To see that you are beaten by a vampire in your dream symbolizes financial trouble which you will have because of the mistakes of a person from your family.

To see that your house is full of vampires in your dream denotes evil eye which your family is exposed to. If you see a ridden city or street by vampires in your dream, this dream tells economic problems in a country.

To kill a vampire in a dream denotes that you will get rid of the debt. If the vampires which are killed are too much, your debt which you get rid of by paying will fulfill in a shorter term.

To kiss with a vampire in a dream means that your expenses will increase because of your bad habit. If you have a sex with a vampire in your dream, this dream is telling you that you will apply for bad ways in order to find money for your bad habit.

To see that your acquaintance becomes a vampire in your dream may suggest that s/he will want financial support from you.

To see that you become a vampire in your dream symbolizes that you will give harm to the people in your environment. If you bite the people as a vampire in your dream, you will give harm to your enemies.

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