Dream Meaning of Headscarf

Dream Meaning of Headscarf

To see a headscarf in a dream refers to a friendly woman and the commitment oneself to the aim.

To see a headscarf in your dream implies that there is a woman who will show the right way to you when you make decisions. According to the some interpretations, a headscarf refers to the progresses related to marriage and love.

If the headscarf is red, it represents happiness; if it is green, it represents peace.If its colour is the colour that you like, progresses that will provide you to get away from fears will start.

The black or dark headscarf denotes that you will meet a person but you shouldn't share your secrets with this person. The white or light headscarf denotes that you will meet reliable people.

To dream that you wear a headscarf implies that you will be sure the friendliness of the people.

To dream that you wear headscarf although you don't wear it implies that you will be sure the friendliness of a woman.

To dream that you wear headscarf also you always wear it normally implies that you will be sure that you won't never be alone even you have difficulties. Because you give trust and friendliness to the environment.

If a man dreams that he wears a headscarf, he will overcome his big trouble easily thanks to a woman from his family. To see that another man wears headscarf denotes that one of your friends will broke your heart because of s/he has a problem that doesn't tell you.

To see that a baby or child wears headscarf in your dream refers to good daughter or son, or a woman that you model.

To dream that you fold, iron or put the headscarf into the wardrobe refers to a woman who wants to test you.

To take headscarf out in your dream refers to a woman and you will broke her heart by being cheated by your enemies.

To dream that you give headscarf or give it as a gift to someone indicates that one of your family or one of your friends will have a happy marriage.

To dream that you take headscarf from somebody indicates that marriage proposal for single; a better work offer for an employee. If an old person dreams that s/he takes headscarf, s/he will share the family members' happiness.

To sell headscarf in your dream signifies that if you proceed by following your own truths, the success will be inevitable.

To see a torn headscarf or to tear headscarf in your dream represents that you are bored from a thing that you have bought with a big enthusiasm. It also represents that you will come back from a trip sooner than you planned. You will meet a good situation that will change your point of view. 

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