Dream Meaning of Persimmon

To see persimmon in your dream refers to happiness which you will have or news when you don’t expect to hear.

To see of eating persimmon in your dream may represent that you will hear news about marriage or baby of your friend or relative.

To see of collecting persimmon in your dream refers to a lot of money and a gift.

To see persimmon tree in your dream symbolizes the death of a sick person from your family.

To see persimmon kernel in your dream may indicate that you will feel weak yourself for some incidents.

To dream that you hide persimmon kernel may represent that your spending will be too much recently and this will leave you in a difficult situation.

To see a fresh persimmon in your dream means that you will put on weight too much in a short term or lose weight too much. However, you will gather yourself up as soon as possible.

To serve persimmon in your dream may forewarn you that you will have troubles regarding your health, you should be careful about your meals to overcome these troubles.

To see persimmon young tree in your dream may represent that you will host your relative who will come from a distant place and you will have good times within this period.

To see persimmon which comes from pilgrimage in your dream refers to new start regarding your job or school.

To see of buying persimmon in your dream symbolizes a distant country or city. You will see new places and obtain new information.

To see of selling persimmon in your dream may indicate that you have new ideas and you will use and apply these ideas in your job.

To see that you bury persimmon kernel in the ground in your dream may represent that even if you have financial problems, you will get rid of these problems with the help of some people.

To dream that persimmon drops from persimmon tree to your head means that you will have a long journey and show an increase in your job.


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