Dream Meaning of Apartment

Dream Meaning of Apartment

To see an apartment or high- rise apartment blocks in your dream refers to events happeningh slowly and their conclusions are significant.

To become an apartment owner, buy an apartment in your dream symbolizes that you will inherit a family fortune easily and you will have a close friend.

To see of selling an apartment in your dream implies that you will gain profit from bad jobs and this can be your habit in the future by having always undeserved gain.

To dream that the apartment is destroyed implies that your relationship will come to the finish point because of your problems.If you don't draw in your horns, you won't save your relationship.

To see a new apartment in your dream implies that your family will support you and you will be a property owner with this support and money which you save. To make an apartment done in your dream signifies that you will receive a recompense for your work.

To see that you clean the apartment or wash the ladder of the apartment in your dream implies that you will get interest income and you will start to reach your desires with this income but this will happen slowly. If you see that people wash the apartment and ladders in your dream, it indicates that a person will pay debt to you on time. Besides, a person who becomes successful with your notion or support will pay duty of loyalty.

To see an abandoned apartment in your dream denotes that you will reach your dreams but for the sake of this, you will break some people's heart and they won't speak with you again.

To see the apartment's door in your dream refers to being imitated. If you see a big and large apartment's door in your dream, it signifies that people who aspire you imitate you. If you see a small and narrow apartment's door in your dream, it signifies that people imitate you with the purpose of underestimating you.

To paint an apartment in your dream forewarns you that you should avoid from envious eyes by hiding your intention. To see a painted apartment in your dream implies that you will finish the job secretly as everyone looks at the different side.

To see apartments side by side, back to back in your dream indicates that your family members will succeed.

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