Dream Meaning of Armour

Dream Meaning of Armour

To see an armour in a dream means that you avoid from badness, stay away from your enemies, take precautions about your life. You are sure about your health and you will protect from dangers and badness.

To see of wearing an armour in your dream may indicate that you will keep your distance from your enemies and announce peace mutually.

To see that the armour is too narrow in your dream may suggest that you will give value to a person more than adequate. If you see that the armour you wear isn’t protective, it means that your relative won’t keep a promise. 

To see a soldier or a person who wears armour in your dream may imply that a person whom you compete with improves himself/herself positively. If you don’t attach importance to your jobs or relationship, you will be able to have losses.

To see that the armour is very strong and clean in your dream is very good. If you see an armour which is hole, broken in your dream, it tells that a person whom you give a second chance will make the same mistake to you again but this fault doesn’t give you harm because you took precaution before.

To see armoured vehicle, horse or car in your dream means that you will be successful by leaving your whole rivals behind and you will feel the impact of this success throughout years.

To make an armour in your dream symbolizes that you will take precaution by foreseeing a danger. If you see a person who makes armour in your dream, it tells that you will be warned by your friend about a dangerous issue.

To see that you sell or give an armour in your dream may denote that you will help a person who wants help from you, by this way, you will feel more peaceful in terms of spiritual side. If you see that another person sells armour in your dream, it means that your relative will guide you about an aid you want to do.

To see of buying armour from a person or seller in your dream indicates that your income increases and you will relieve to a poor person.


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