Dream Meaning of Blanket

Dream Meaning of Blanket

Seeing the blankets in the dream is expressed in different ways by being new and old. A new blanket with a beautiful smell in your dream is interpreted as happiness, grace, warmth and peace within the family. But an old, worn out blanket with a bad smell refers to hardship, boredom and sins. The old blanket also points to the gossiping and malicious people around the dreamer.

Seeing a blanket in a dream is good for single people and it is a good sign. Buying blanket is interpreted as a sign that if you are married your husband will be a good spouse, and you will be married if you are single. Burning a blanket is a sign that the husband and wife are fighting and a breakup may be a result of this.

Seeing a torn and dirty blanket is a sign of the unfaithfulness and disloyalty of your spouse and it is a sign that he/she does not love you as he /she used to. To see a blanket in the dream, if the person who sees the dream is single, to marry or be engaged: If the one who had this dream is married, he will get a good job. For some interpreters: Covering someone sleeping with a blanket in a dream is interpreted as a sign that the person who sees the dream will protect the person he has covered and will take him under his protection.

Seeing that you bought a blanket from the bazaar in your dream is a sign that the dream owner will get many friends and these will be good friends. Seeing a blanket in a dream tells that the one who had this dream will be engaged or married. When a married person sees a blanket, n his/her dream it is a sign of a good job. Seeing a clean blanket or quilt in your dreams means that you will be welcomed with loyalty and smile, that your business will be on its way, and that your health will be good.

Seeing a dirty blanket or quilt in your dream tells you may have someone around you who is jealous. Seeing a torn blanket in your dream tells you that a close relative will be harmed because of a promise that you did not keep unintentionally.

Seeing  a Blanket And Quilt In Your Dream

This means that the dream owner will have a strong and dynamic body, like a knife, and at the same time, the comfort and serenity of life will be in place as he will not suffer any stubborn or fatal disease.

Buying a Blanket In Your Dream

When the dream owner likes a blanket in the store and buys it, that means he will be as warm and friendly as a blanket and he will get honest neighbours, friends and pals. That is to say, every time the owner of the dream falls, he will be reached a helping hand to get him back on his feet.

Cleaning A Blanket In Your Dream

This dream means that the person who had this dream has such a kind heart that he never talks behind people's back and never acts rude and disrespectful.  The dreamer is portrayed as an open-minded and open-hearted person.

Folding A Blanket In Your Dream

It means that some of the dream owner's  associations are eligible to be revised for a while. The dreamer will want to make up his mind for a while and look over his relationships.

Cuddling With A Blanket In Your Dream

It is interpreted as the rise and success of the dream owner in business life. If the one who sees the dream is an employee, he gets promoted. If he is a worker, he gets a raise. If he is an employer, his status and reputation increases.

Giving A Blanket In Your Dream

The dream suggests that the person who had this dream is in a very difficult position to help a friend, relative or neighbour and he has to decide whether to make a great sacrifice for him or not.


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