Dream Meaning of Blood

Dream Meaning of Blood

Seeing blood in a dream symbolizes revelation, a person who shows his true colours and facing fears.

Seeing blood around in a dream indicates that your fears are unnecessary.

Seeing blood in a dream indicates that you will satisfy your curiosity. Blood seeing light-coloured and clear symbolizes fat soil, income-producing property, a journey for a patient that will be remedy.

Giving blood in a dream indicates that you will spend some of your earnings for charities, taking blood indicates that someone who has positive ideas about will share it with you, someone who shows interest to you will confess it and make you happy.

Vomiting blood in a dream, expectorating in a dream indicates that your friend’s, who is with you for a long time, acts will change and he will displays unpleasant manners for money and interest. To see that someone else is vomiting blood or expectorating in a dream indicates that someone who didn’t take your advice despite your recommendations will be hurt and he will return to ask for your help.

Bleeding your eyes while you are crying indicates that your luck and fortune will increase, you will get profit and take advantage from every environment that you have attended.

Blood draining from skin indicates that you will show your hand; blood draining from nose or ear indicates that you will show other person notice of your intentions to have forbidden love.

Drinking blood in a dream symbolizes ill-gotten gains. Drinking a person’s or an animal’s blood alive symbolizes ill gotten that is earned purposely or willingly.

Cleaning blood in a dream symbolizes abjuring.

Seeing blood on sexual organ in a dream indicates that you will break your harmful habit and you will save money that you earned for this habit.

Seeing blood in number two in a dream indicates that you can’t put your friend right inspite of your warnings. Pissing blood indicates that you will keep away from open your friend’s eyes for your own interests.

Bleeding of the wound in a dream indicates that you will turn out to be right about a matter you are worried about.

Blood seeing in a bottle, glass or plate symbolizes money and possessions, increasing of possession, inheriting a fortune.

To see that your clothes or dresses messed with blood in a dream indicates that you will begin to enjoy from your occupations gradually that you can not enjoy because of your fears and concerns. You will also replace your articles that you don’t love with the new one. Changing your old articles, you will own the newer and more developed one.


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