Dream Meaning of Calf

Dream Meaning of Calf

Seeing a calf in a dream indicates that  you will make a travel, you will live somethings and meet someone during this journey.

Butchering a calf in a dream comes to mean long but relaxing journey due to your business or school.

Seeing veal in a dream indicates that you will change your city for a while due to a family matter and after this alteration you will hear good news from your family.

Eating veil in a dream indicates that you will spend time with someone you long for and you will receive news from him.

To dream that someone is eating a veal indicates that you will keep away from your family for a while and you will miss them.

Seeing calves in a dream indicates that you will set out an journey for some rest thanks to your savings and during this journey you will meet honorable and honest people.

Feeding calf  in a dreams means that short visitings and during this visitings you will visit your old friends. Seeing one feedins calf indicates that you became ill during a journey but you will overcome it without any problem in a short time.

Loving calf symbolizes the sleepover. Seeing one loving calf indicates that you will meet your elders and talk with them about important issues.

To dream that calf is chasing you indicates that you will get financial support from someone.

Torturing the dead of calf in a dream indicates that you will have a dutiful child or get help from someone.

Selling calf indicates that although you have some problems financially for a while,you will overcome problems with the help of someone.

Buying calf in a dream indicates that you will make good Money hand over first and thanks to the this Money you will set out a long journey. To dream that one is buying calf indicates that you will make savings and you will have possessions in the future  thanks to these savings.


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