Dream Meaning of Cerements (Shroud)

Dream Meaning of Cerements (Shroud)

To see a cerement in your dream refers to hurrying up, a job which will be finished early, a debt which will be run out of before the deadline. 

To see a bloody cerement in your dream  may indicate that you will get profit two times from the same job, a valuable staff will be utilized, you will be well away by being quickly.

To see of wearing a cerement in your dream may indicate that you will handle with an important responsibility. You will finish your job successfully and if you have debt, you will pay before the deadline.

To see that you creep with cementer in your dream may indicate that you will reschedule a job which you plan to do later to an earlier time.

If you see that although you creep with cementer, your hand or arm stay out of the cementer in your dream, it symbolizes that you will fall in love suddenly, and you will get married suddenly or move to another house for single people.

To see a person who wears cementer in your dream refers to a person who makes you relaxed by undertaking your responsibilities.

To see of buying cementer in your dream may represent that you will write off each other's debts. It also means that you will be far away from your family for a while.

To see of selling cementer in your dream suggests that you will save by pushing something off on to another person. If you see that the cementer is sold or you go to a show selling cementer in your dream, it may imply that you will refuse the help will of your relative.

To see that you cut, tear cementer in your dream may represent that you will lose time in order to complete a job which you forgot. You should make self sacrificing behaviour in order to make up to a person whose heart you break.

To see that you sew cementer in your dream indicates that you will regret because you commit adultery. If you see that the cementer is sewed or a person sews cementer in your dream, it means that you will join an environment that people commit adultery or you will elaborate on something which won’t be welcomed in your current environment.

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