Dream Meaning of Fire (Blaze)

Dream Meaning of Fire (Blaze)

To see fire in a dream refers to forgiveness.   

To see that you extinguish fire in your dream means that you will forgive the fault of your spouse. If you extinguish the fire with water in your dream, you will forgive by sacrificing yourself. If you extinguish the fire by means of land, it tells that you will forgive but s/he pays the price for that.

To dream that you try to extinguish the fire by means of a thing which won't extinguish and which will flame may symbolize that the person whom you forgave will make same mistake again.

To escape from a fire in your dream may signify that you will neglect your mistake.

To see that you start a fire in your dream may represent that you will have problem about an issue you solved before but this trouble will disturb you for a temporary time.

To see that your house, car or one of your staffs burns in your dream indicates that you will change these burned things with the new ones.

To see that people are inside during the fire and you aren't able to save them in your dream may indicate that you will be forgiven by these people because of your mistake.

To dream that you save someone from the fire may suggest that if there is something bad about your school or business life, you will save from this condition by making some effort.

To see a forest which is burning in your dream may represent that you will make a sin which won't be forgiven. If you see that the trees topple, people and animals run during the fire in your dream, it tells that you will swear off from this sin.

To see that the sea, water or lake fires in your dream suggests that you will be forgiven about your big mistake by your friend whom you don't expect.

To see of ruling over the fire, decreasing and increasing it in your dream may symbolize that you will reach the peace by dealing with spiritual works from now on.

To see that the fire doesn't burn anything, doesn't give harm in your dream indicates that a slander about you won't be accepted. People will believe that you are innocent.

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