Dream Meaning of Fire

Dream Meaning of Fire

To see fire in a dream symbolizes love, passion, loyalty, happy news and property and commodity. If you see fire as roasted or cinder in your dream, it refers to golden and money.

To see fire within a house signifies money coming to the house. If you see it outside, it refers to an opportunity that you don't realize.

The fire which seems engagingly and reaches to the sky in your dream implies that you will fall in love, be charmed by a person, you will have a commodity or property easily.

To see that fire is pouring from the sky in your dream signifies that you will have daily bread with halal way, your income will increase a lot, abundance won't finish in your house. A fire rain in your dream denotes that you will have a love which will become a byword.

To light a fire in your dream implies that you will take pleasure in doing your work and establish a mutual relation with your partner and nobody breaks this connection. If you light a fire with old techniques in your dream, it refers to pure love. If you light a fire by striking a match, it means that sometimes you have doubts about your partner and it is most likely that you turn out to be in the wrong.

To put fuel or stoke in fire symbolizes stable power and energy. The things that are put in fire may represent that you will save your relative from a big trouble by hiding his/her mistake. If you see a person who puts fuel or stokes in fire in your dream, it signifies that people will make you angry by always saying sensitive subjects for you. Because of these people, you will have a tendency to make mistakes.

To see of walking on the fire, entering into the fire, jumping over the fire in your dream implies that you will become lonely in an issue which you started with many people and you will take the glory alone. People walking on the fire in your dream forewarns you that you have brave competitors that you should pay attention more.

To see fire with the shape of human in your dream signifies happy news that changes your life completely and will come soon. If you see fire with the shape of any kind of animals in your dream, it denotes a friend that will help you when you are bored or a saving opinion that will come to your mind at irreversible moment.

To dream that you put out fire implies that you will go away from religion or you will have friendships with bad people. Alternatively, it refers that longing will come to an end and you will come together with a person whom you miss.

The fire putting out spontaneously in your dream refers to short term depressions.

To see fire in the palm of your hand in your dream signifies that you will take over the institution. If you see a person holding fire in the palm of the hand in your dream, it denotes that because of the fulfillment of your desire, you have to work with a person whom you don't like too much. 

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