Dream Meaning of Hole

Dream Meaning of Hole

To see a hole in your dream implies that you will confront traps, you will have no alternatives and be on a power trip.

A hole in the middle of road in your dream means that you have a foolish enemy and realize a trap which is prepared for you immediately. If you see a hole in house, garden, room or indoor, it means that you will apply for cheat in difficult situations but nobody realizes this and you will do it.

To dig a hole in your dream may indicate that the precautions, which you take against your enemy or rivals, will work, you will make good choices with your sudden decisions. If you see people who dig a hole in your dream, it means that there are people who rumor about you because they don't be able to cope with you.

To dream that you close or fill in the hole indicates that you will be unrivalled, show an increase among many people, persuade a person whom you attach importance to. If you see that another people close or fill in the hole in your dream, it refers to people who have the responsibility of your difficult work even undeliberately.

To dream that you fall into a hole represents that you will have an experience about an issue you don't know. If you are pushed into a hole in your dream, it symbolizes enemies who make you angry and then you will make mistakes. 

To go out from a hole in your dream may imply that you will threaten your rivals. If you get some help from a person as you go out from a hole, it means that you will be on a power trip against your rivals.

To see a person who falls into a hole in your dream refers to a person who displays him/herself different. If you push at a person into a hole, it means that you will talk back to a dishonest person.

To dream that you pull off a person from a hole or help his going out from a hole may represent that you will dole out to a poor person, provide job and meal to a person who needs it.

 To see cat, dog, chicken, goat or different kinds of animals in a hole in your dream means that you will help a person who gets into a scrape because of his/her own fault and bad intention. However, s/he will show ingratitude in return for your favor.

To jump above the hole in your dream denotes that you will put your enemy to shame.

To dream that you see car, commodity, clothes in a hole means that you should be careful about people who try to influence you in an environment which you will join. The things in a hole may represent that you will receive offer for an unfair gain or bribe. 

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