Dream Meaning of House

Dream Meaning of House

Seeing house symbolizes commerce, earning,

Buying house in a dream indicates that you will buy a house alike in your dream. The more house’s room wider, the more you will pay it easily.

Moving house in a dream indicates that you will chance your job and do something else, you will go on your education on different branch.

Cleaning house in a dream indicates that you will make arrangments and you will increase your earning. If you don’t work,it indicates that you will reduce your expenses.

Painting house in a dream indicates that you will pay your own debts easily and begin to save Money.

Overflowing into house in a dream you will get inheritence withouth working.It symbolizes inheritence or premium.

Leaving the house in a dream indicates that you will get rid of your troubles,f he leaves his house properly it indicates that he will spend some Money.If he leaves the house happily it indicates that he will solve the problem without expense.

If you see someone else leave the house, you will do business with him.

To see that your house is under construction in a dream indicates that you will fresh start and you will getr id of troublesome in the past.

Tidying up the  house in a dream indicates that you waste your effort and time.

Seeing grave in a dream symbolizes fortune.To see your own or your relative’s grave in a dream indicates that you received Money from relative.To see someone else’s grave that you don’t know indicates that you will turn an honest penny. If someone whose  grave is seen in the house is death normally,it indicates that he waits for your pray. If you see someone’s grave that is living normally,it indicates that he expects you somethings.

Bugs that is seen in the house symbolizes Money putting aside little by little. Bugs running around indicates that your Money will rise

No matter what kind of bugy it is, it symbolizes inner enemy. Enemy will be successful  according to  animal’s size or largeness of it

Eloping or to see somenone eloped in a dream symbolizes a  business enterprise that willbe get into a partnership

To be throwed out of the house in a dream indicates that you will change your environment. Throwing someone out of the house in a dream indicates that you will return to your old environments or friends  

Breaking into one’s  house  in a dream indicates that  you will understand that you are misteken about somebody  and you will solve your problems  eaily.


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