Dream Meaning of Jacket

Dream Meaning of Jacket

To see a jacket in a dream refers to abundance, good news and unexpected good events.

To see that you wear a jacket in your dream indicates that you will hear news from your close friend about financial issue or a new job. If another person wears a jacket in your dream, it signifies that you will earn a lot of money thanks to an issue that will come to your mind.

To take off your jacket in your dream may represent that you will receive money from a person who owes to you even if you get it late. If another person takes off his/her jacket or s/he takes your jacket in your dream, it means that you will pay your debt without any trouble on time.

To see that your jacket is torn and old in your dream implies that you will receive money from a person whom you see close because of any reason. However, this money is off your hands easily. If you tear the jacket of another person tears it in your dream, it means that you will help one of your relatives about financial issue.

To dream that the jacket is new indicates that you are in an abundant period and you should make use of the time well.

To see of buying a jacket in your dream signifies that an event which is related to your school or job will occur suddenly and you will welcome this event with your family happily. If you buy the jacket from a person whom you know in your dream, it means that even if you have problems about your job, you will fix them with your works and you will remove the problem.

To see of selling a jacket in your dream symbolizes a child, good news related to your children if you are married in reality. If you are single, it means that your family will bring good news about a child that you attach importance to. If you sell the jacket to a person whom you know, it denotes that you will hear good news from your family elders.

To see that you wear another person’s jacket in your dream signifies that news that you wait for or your will that you want to happen will come up with result as you want. If another person wears your jacket in your dream, it symbolizes a topic that people want your help about.

To see that the jacket is torn in a minute or unravelled in your dream  suggests that you will be happy by means of an action, conversation or surprise which your partner will do.

To see a plain jacket in your dream implies that you will give a speech in a crowded environment and with this situation, your reputation will increase and everybody will talk about your job.

An ornamented jacket in your dream indicates that events which are favourable and good for you will occur as soon as possible.

To dream that you give or take the jacket as a gift may represent that everything will restart magnificently with news which you will hear at the time when you lose your hope.

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