Dream Meaning of Lighter

Dream Meaning of Lighter

To see a lighter in your dream indicates that some of your expectancies will be concluded and they will influence you positively or negatively.

To flick lighter in your dream refers to comfort, peace and order. If you see a person who flicks lighter in your dream, it means that you will make your life good and this will be good for you.

To take a lighter from somewhere in your dream implies that you will have a travel because of your job or school. You should benefit from this opportunity.

To see of finding a lighter in your dream signifies that you will receive kindness from an old person. This person is outside your family.

To dream that you take a lighter as a gift indicates that you will show a big increase and you will earn a lot of money with this increase.

To give a lighter as a gift in your dream signifies that you bear a grudge against some people and you should throw this grudge from your heart.

To see tinderbox in your dream implies that you will hear bad news but at the end of this news, good events will occur.

To give a lighter in your dream may represent that you will buy a property and you will use this property as investment tool.

To dream that you want a lighter from someone implies that you will enter into a period which you drive yourself into the ground and you should eat well in this period. If a person wants a lighter from you, it means that the obstacles in your life will destroy and one of your family will contribute to this.

To see of buying a lighter in your dream implies that a lot of money from a good person or good place will come.

To see of selling a lighter in your dream signifies that a woman will help you about your health and you should listen these advices.

To see a small lighter in your dream indicates that a new person will join your family. A big lighter implies that a person will leave from your family.

To see that the gas of lighter finishes in your dream indicates that the time of your journey will lengthen out and even if this creates problems in your school or job, everything will be all right afterwards.

To see that a lighter doesn't burn in your dream symbolizes that you will visit your relatives with your family.

To dream that you burn wood or paper with a lighter indicates that you will have a long journey because of your education. This journey will get an opportunity for you.

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