Dream Meaning of Linen

Dream Meaning of Linen

To see linen in a dream refers to getting news, being informed, getting in someone's good book and recommending.

To see clean, white, light-colored or plain linen in your dream implies that you will get good news, get in someone's good book or your behaviors, which you did because of attracting attention will be successful. 

To see dirty torn linen in your dream indicates that you will complete most part of your work but you will overlook a minor detail. This detail won't be important as much as it destroys the work.

To dream that you tear linen may suggest that you will misinterpret the news that you heard and you will upset yourself in vain.

To see of washing linen in your dream indicates that you will model a person who pays attention to clothes on yourself and you will make positive changes related to you.

To see that you hang linen in your dream denotes that you will save from harm by behaving carefully thanks to news you heard before. If you see hanged linen in your dream, it means that you will follow a person's advice and opinion and you should be sure that this person is a honest person.

To dream that you lay linen indicates that you are the person whom everyone likes and you will get in everyone's good book. Alternatively, it denotes that you will celebrate your success with your friends, receive support from your environment about one of your decisions.

If you collect linens in your dream, it means that another person will do your own job.

To see that you iron, fold or fix linen in your dream implies that news which you are waiting to hear in order to start to move will be heard as soon as possible.

To see of buying, selling or buying and then selling in your dream indicates that you will overcome the obstacles by cooperating, act together with people whose opinions are the same as your opinions. Besides, your environment will get crowded.

To wear abaya(linen worn by woman because of religion commands) in your dream implies that you will hide your achievement or the source of your profit from your environment. Alternatively, it denotes that you will glorify yourself by behaving selfishly and disregarding people cooperating with you. If you as a man wear an abaya in your dream, it means that you will start a work without saying this to your spouse and relatives. If you as a woman wear an abaya in your dream, it means that you learn the secret of your close friend.

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