Dream Meaning of Mountain

Dream Meaning of Mountain

Seeing a mountain in a dream represents confidence and sincerity and a person who make you feel safe with his presence. It also sometimes indicates to be the only foundation for many people.

A mountain seeing as great and huge in a dream points to establish a stable authority and being unrivaled.

Seeing a not too big or small mountain in a dream indicates that you are going to achieve your dreams without asking more and lead a enviable life.

Climbing a mountain in a dream indicates that you are going to improve yourself unconsciously notably thanks to a work you do again and again and it denotes that by this means you are going to be superior and derive a good money  than people who make more effort than you .

To dream that you fall off a mountain indicates that you are going to lose time with obstacles created by people who want to stand in your way.

To see that  quickly walk up and down denotes that you are going to take someone who seek your aid under your wing, according to so-called it signifies that you are going to build a romantic relation with him.

Crossing the mountain in a dream indicates to get rid of the pain of  love , leave behind the barries of love and marriage life. If you dream that you cross the mountain, then it indicates that you split with someone who supports you.

To dream that you are on the top of the mountain refers to your achievement you have dreamed about.

Looking at a mountain,wathing it , seeing or watching a mountain view in a dream indicates that you follow in an important person’s footsteps and you are impressed by him considerably.

Walking in a mountain,going on a walk indicates that you are going to progress quietly and your plan works as you want.

Seeing volcano in a dream indicates that you are on the brink of a new business or relation.

Seeing a chalet in a dream indicates that support or help that you have taken as temporarily from others will continue and you will obtain an offer relate to a work you have completed recently.

Seeing a ridgeway in a dream indicates that you will get help and  brain from someone who is sturdy, have power,  reliable and then you will go on a summit journey.

To dream that you are stranded in mountain indicates that you are longing for a plain living as you are bored interests and intension although everybody want to be like you.

To dream of snow on mountain indicates that you will change your attitude that you have shown humility and acted modesty to reach to selfish and self-seeker,it also indicates that f you forget your past you can make mistake .

Digging, caving or piercing into a mountain in your dream indicates that you will not disappoint one who trusts you. You will be appreciated thanks to a duty you fulfil deservedly.And you will win the heart of your favourite one by showing patience and effort.

 If the mountain crambles in your dream then it indicates that you will tell on your buddy for your self interest and taking no notice of an unfairness you will provide better conditions for yourself and your family.

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