Dream Meaning of Painting

Dream Meaning of Painting

To see a painting in a dream denotes that you will gain value, draw attention and come to the forefront. If you see a painting which is unfinished in your dream, it means that by noticing a danger before, you will take precaution and save from this danger without harm.

To see a reputable painting or painting which belongs to a reputable artist in your dream signifies that you will hear compliments because of you good life and the order of family life. This condition will open important doors for you.

To dream that you make a painting means that you will work for the health of people and save a lot of people from trouble. To dream that a painting is made indicates that your friend will persuade you to be volunteer in a charity work.

To hang a painting in your dream may represent that you will start to use again the thing which you had used before. You will visit again a place where you gave up to go.

To see of buying a painting in your dream means that you will buy something which you don’t need in order to make a person happy. You will share a commodity you bought with a person who requires need.

To sell a painting in your dream may imply that you will sell an invaluable commodity with higher price than the real value with the help of good and attractive sayings. You will pay your debt with this money you earned from this.

To see human figures on the painting in your dream signifies that you will see rude behavior from a person who always acts respectfully towards you. Your thoughts about this person will change.

To see goods, meal sor drinks figures on the painting in your dream denotes that you will meet a person who tries to utilize from you and pull the wool over your eyes.

To see animal figures on the painting in your dream indicates that you will be at odds with your friend and this friend will share your secrets with people but people won’t be pleased with this behavior which this person makes in order to harm you.

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