Dream Meaning of Quilt (Coverlet/Duvet)

To see a quilt in a dream refers to family, starting a family and community. If you see a lot of quilts in your dream, it tells that there are elders who protect you and they will make an emotional speech with you soon.

To see that you quilt in your dream may represent that you will be a leader for a community which gathers for doing good things. If you see a person who quilts in your dream, it means that you will be showed as nominee for leader in a community.

To see that you wash the quilt in your dream refers to preparation before wedding. If you are married or you are a child, it denotes that there will be a wedding in your family. If you are single, it signifies a wedding that you join and find your spouse.

To see of taking a quilt from a person in your dream refers to relaxing news. If you buy a quilt in your dream, it means that you will pay some amount of your debt easily.

To see that you fold the quilt in your dream means a spouse whose belief is strong for girls, having the family leader responsibility for men. If you see a folded and straight quilt in your dream, it refers to a family who won't have trouble forever.

To dream that you cover the quilt indicates that you will get bad gains by doing a job which your family doesn't accept.

To see a soft quilt in your dream represents that one of your relatives will have the responsilibity of your debt without waiting the return.

To dream that the quilt is tough or it is made from a tough thing symbolizes that you will learn the bad things which are about your friends doing favour to you.

To see that you cover the quilt in your dream indicates that you will stay away from the people for a while. If the quilt is light, this estrangement will be beneficial. If the quilt is heavy in your dream, it indicates that this estrangement will make the problems grown.

To dream that the quilt is small and it is too small to cover your body suggests that although you get a job which is over your capacity, you will be successful easily.

To see of throwing, selling or giving a quilt to a person in your dream implies that you will break one of your family elders' heart and s/he will waiting for your apologise.

To see that the quilt is very dirty in your dream means that you will be envied as much as the amount of dirt and the disturbance of the smell because of a property you will have.

To see a wet quilt in your dream indicates that one of your distant relatives will come to your family as boarding guest and this condition will continue for a while.

To see both bed and quilt together in your dream suggests that you will change your current house with an income you will get without any effort.

To see both pillow and quilt together in your dream represents a property which you will get by means of heritage or a small effort.

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