Dream Meaning of Rifle

To see rifle in your dream may imply that you will catch people's eyes, draw attention and be envied. Alternatively, this dream tells that you will be envied because of your successful jobs and good behaviours and gain enemies. 

To shoulder, carry a rifle in your dream suggests that while everyone says good and impressive statements, you will achieve to draw attention of the person whom you like with your natural state. 

To see a machine gun in your dream indicates that you will impress many people by your talk and sayings, they will follow you.

To dream that you are hit with a rifle suggests that you shouldn't forget that you should protect from possible harms coming from people who envy you.

To fire a rifle in your dream denotes that you will spread fear the people by sharpening your attitude towards people who eny you. If you see a person who fires a rifle in your dream, it denotes that if the voice of rifle is high, it refers to an enemy who strengthens day by day. If the voice of rifle is silent, it refers to an enemy who rumors about you but nobody pays attention.

To take sight with a rifle in your dream may imply that you will put a long term target for yourself and thanks to this target, you will start to perpetuate more regular life.

To clean a rifle in your dream indicates that you are aware of being envied. You will try to be in view in order to disturb people who envy you. 

To see a rifle on the wall in your dream forewarns you that by having a small health problem, you will relax for a short term.

To fill a rifle in your dream refers to news which make you happy and is about your sister/brother or children. If you see a person who fills a rifle in your dream, it denotes an advisor who will be with your children or sister/brothers.

To see a broken or rotten rifle in your dream means that your spendings on show off will go for nothing and instead of your studies for drawing attention, they won't win recognition by people.

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