Dream Meaning of School

To see a school in your dream suggests improvement, being famous, being known by many people and people like you.

To dream that you are going to school may represent that if you are a student in reality, you will draw attention in an environment where you will join. If you are an employee or a person who isn’t a student, you will improve yourself in your jobs. The size of school reflects the amount of improvement and impact which you will have.

To see yourself at school in your dream indicates that you will be bored from the attention of your environment and try to create time to stay alone.

To see that you are registered for a school or you start a school in your dream symbolizes that you will meet with a reputable person and make friendship with this person.

To escape from the school in your dream signifies that you will give up existing school or job. If you study, you will transfer to another major or school. If you work, this dream is telling you that you will get another job.

To see of staying or living in a school in your dream may indicate that you will go away from your family and set up a new ife in another environment.

To see a school garden in your dream indicates that you will be famous as much as the size of school garden. If you see that you are running in the school garden in your dream, it is telling you that the amount of people who know and like you will increase day by day.

To dream that you are late for school may imply that you will refuse an opportunity without realizing it.

To see that you are lost in the school in your dream signifies that you will be blamed in front of society because of your fault. You will be ashamed.

To see that you go out, you are thrown or you graduate from the school in your dream indicates that you will be loved by a person who didn’t love you before.

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