Dream Meaning of Tomato

Seeing tomato in a dream symbolizes new people or new environmet.

Eating tomato in a dream indicates that the people that will attent your family will help you in the future and you will get lump sum through this help.

Gathering tomato in a garden or farm in a dream indicates that you will attend a family and altough you can not get accustomed to them initially, then you will get on well with whole family.

Seeing tomato juice in a dream indicates that you will attent in a new environment due to your business or school and in this environmet you will show an increase.

Seeing tomato and pepper in a dream indicates that one of your family members will set out a journey for a while and after this journey you will receive a good news about yourself.

Seeing tomato field in a dream indicates that someone you met in a circle of friends will give an idea to you about business or financial matter and you will derive a profit.

Selling tomato in a dream indicates that you will use your Money you found in a good place.

Buying tomato in a dream indicates that you will learn solve problems in your relations after a quarreling between your partner.

Cooking tomato in a dream indicates that you will receive a news related to your family or business and you will earn Money through this news.

Going off or smelling of tomato in a dream indicates that bad events you experienced in your family will be solved in a short time by itself.

To see that sheene tomato and tasting delicious in a dream indicates that your concerns and questions that engage your mind are unnecessary and you will be happy with this person in the future.

Seeing raw tomato in a dream indicates that someone in your family will move another city.

Peeling a tomato  in a dream indicates that you will make a changes related to your house and this changes will put you into trouble financially.

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