Dream Meaning of Eyebrow

Dream Meaning of Eyebrow

To see an eyebrow in your dream refers to being protected, overcoming a danger, abundance and financial issues which will come after the scarcity.

To see proper eyebrows in your dream means that you will meet with people whom you loll against and who is reliable.

To see that you pluck eyebrow in your dream may indicate that you will be successful by overcoming the obstacles with your own effort and belief.

If you see that another person plucks your eyebrows in your dream, it suggests that you will get a job which you will earn your keep from with the support of a person from your family.

To see that you pluck another person's eyebrows in your dream may imply that you will protect your relative, make suggestion because s/he is in a difficult situation.

To see that you have many eyebrows in your dream may symbolize that you will give beneficial advices to people whom you love with your experience which you will get from the difficulties you will confront in your way.

If you see a person who has many eyebrows in your dream, it denotes that you will learn lesson from a disaster which one of your friends has.

To see that your eyebrow gets longer in your dream refers to gainings which will be had in terms of financial. If you see a long eyebrow in your dream, it means that you will get properties which bring income.

To see that your eyebrow is poured in your dream may denote a man who protects her for a woman, you earn a lot of money for a man.

To see that you paint an eyebrow in your dream means that you will deceive your enemy, give harm to a person whom you don't like by showing a problematic job as profitable.

To see that your eyebrow gets white in your dream signifies that instead of a closed income door, more relaxed and profitable door will open. If you see a white eyebrow, it indicates a happy relationship which will be had after a bad relationship.

To see that your eyebrow is hurted in your dream indicates that instead of an easy solution, you will choose difficult one and you lose time.

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