Dream Meaning of Satan

Dream Meaning of Satan

When you saw a satan in your dream it means; you will be betrayed, deceived, slanderous, confronted with bad people. It is considered unlucky. It means that those who make the gossip of the dream owner are those who try to pull it into the bad situations and thus make plans to hurt their reputation.  

Killing the satan in the Dream

The person who sees the dream portrays that he will be able to relax, comfort, heal, happiness and tranquility on this occasion in order to be able to recover the uncomfortable, shameless, blameless and dangerous persons as much as they are naughty. Enemies and rivalries will find their way and opportunities to defeat.

Being a satan in the Dream

It is said that the person who sees the dream will enter into some of the works that he has never tended before and will turn away from the path of God, become both sinner and close to accidents and troubles so that he will be reborn to the genders and the nafs, so that he will turn away from the right path.It is interpreted that the dream owner will fall into some wrongs he will not want to remember later.

Fear of satan in the dream

The person who sees the dream is really afraid of the bad people, because he takes care to stay away from them and protects them, it is possible to try to live on his own and to observe that he does not obey anyone.

Beatint the satan in the Dream

It signifies that the person who sees the dream will be evil of the bad feelings and thoughts, the unpleasant habits and sins, find the right path, the beauty spirit, good moral and good mentality.

Beating the satan in the Dream

The person who sees the dream is going away from those who are jealous of the successes and happiness, so that they will never see their faces again from their life and will be able to hear their voices so that they will be successful and happy from their old ones.


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